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  • @touchtennis Mmm! My game has never been about touch, more power and speed but I'll give it a go not sure when though. I'm pretty busy. 3 months ago

Sunday service in woolwich

A very British mission

  Religion played a big part in my life when I was growing up, both my parents were devout (and my mum still is) Christians. I remember them passionately praying for Gods protection and guidance during tough times, and giving thanks during good times. What I’ve always struggled to comprehend was my parents unerring faith. [...]

Basketball with the Ugandan team!

Tokyo Dreams! Ugandan wheelchair basketball

Our final day was spent in the Ugandan capital Kampala. First thing on the agenda was a panel discussion and a press conference. The discussion was lively and it started with speeches. Lynne began with a powerful speech talking about the connection between poverty and disability and how the link needed to be broken. The [...]

Dancing with pupils at St Francis School in Uganda

Uganda St Francis school

  The next day we left the hotel at 7:45am, and headed to the Kaberamaido district 45-minutes drive from Soroti. The aim was to get there early, so we could meet some of the beneficiaries of a Ugandan government pilot scheme supported by DFID. The scheme provides a small amount of cash to vulnerable households, [...]

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