Africa with Ade Adepitan

Hey my friends I feel very embarrassed to admit that this will be my first blog in a loooooong time! Wow I’ve just seen the date of my last post #looser!!

In my defence (a very poor defence btw) I have had the most ridiculously busy three years of my life, and if you know anything about me you’ll know that things must’ve been next level crazy busy. Where do I start hmm! Ok let’s try this..

For over a decade I’d been pitching ideas for a tv series to all of the major British TV channels. None of them had shown any real interest and I’d pretty much given up on it ever happening. So when I pitched an idea about making a travel series about Africa with Sam Bagnall at BBC current affairs to the head of BBC2 Patrick Holland, it felt like my last chance.

It’s been 10 years, since the BBC last made a travelogue style series about Africa; and, as far as I know, there had never been a major 4 part documentary series hosted by a black disabled tv presenter! So my odds were stupidly low, at best. Two weeks after Sam had gone in with his team to meet Patrick and show him our idea, I got a phone call from Sam saying “The show’s been commissioned”

The good news brought on a mixture of emotions, excitement at the prospect of putting my stamp on four hours of TV. I would be able to really get my teeth into this series, as I wasn’t just playing a bit part. I could finally make the type of documentary that I wanted to make which was both educational, challenging, and most importantly entertaining! I also felt nervous, I’d fought so hard to get my chance and now I had to make it work.

Episode’s 1,2 and 3 of Africa with Ade Adepitan are now available on BBC iplayer

The final episode is on BBC2 tonight at 9pm!