FA Community Shield 2015

Having a little bit of a public profile has its benefits, you get invited to some cool events. In August I was invited to the Bobby Moore club to watch Arsenal V Chelsea in the FA Community Shield at Wembley stadium. As a neutral it was a fantastic spectacle (although as a kid I was an Arsenal fan).

Growing up I always dreamt of watching a match at Wembley. So even though my team West Ham United were not playing it was still a great experience. Also having a brother who's a hardcore Arsenal fan, and Arsene Wenger being the manager in the premiership I'd most like to play for. If I hadn't contracted polio, I'm sure I would've been a professional footballer.

Finally in sport we all love great rivalries, and the growing feud between Arsenal and Chelsea's managers Wenger and Mourhino. Whether real or pantomime, has become compulsory viewing. That's why I'm kicking myself at missing the opportunity to film the now infamous snub when Wenger basicly ducked out of shaking hands with an opponent he'd finally managed to beat after 14 attempts!

I understand the unwritten rules of sportsmanship but I suppose when you've been publicly called a "specialist in failure" by your biggest rival, you might as well go the whole hog and show them you're a specialist in non-handshakes too!

I did manage to film what has to be one of the best moments in an athletes career, the walk to victory.

Big thanks to Club Wembley, and PR company Just Call Bruce for the tickets.