Hugh Herr "The Bionic Man!"


At the end of 2011 after I was told that I was going to be part of C4's presenting team for the 2012 Paralympics. I started researching the athletes and the technology behind the sport. I wanted to know about prosthetic limbs, and the materials used to build sports chairs. I think I became a little bit obsessed and wanted to know as much as possible about the relationship between disability and technology. I've always thought that by using science to help us overcome the physical barriers of disability, the human race could speed up the evolutionary process. Yeah I know it sounds crazy, its probably a result of reading too many Marvel and DC super hero comics when I was a kid! Then whilst scouring the internet about bionic technology, I came across a fascinating guy called Hugh Herr. He's an American rock climber engineer and biophysicist. After loosing both his legs through frostbite and gangrene, he started to push the boundaries of prosthetic technology.

This film shows just how far bionics have come. Maybe one day amputees will run 100 and 200 metre races faster than their able-bodied counterparts!!