Mexico City

Alright I'm not gonna lie, I am one of the luckiest people in the world! Over the last few years my job has basically enabled me to travel around the globe making TV and commentating on live sport!

My latest assignment is the third series of the BBC travel program called "World's Busiest Cities" for BBC2. In it I'll travel to three continents, and four of the world's busiest cities, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Moscow, and Delhi. Alongside TV presenter Anita Rani, (@itsanitarani) and Historian Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy), we'll visit all these places in the space of just over a month. Yeah I know I get the toughest gigs!😉🙈

The aim of the show is to give you an up close and personal perspective of how these big cities work. Whilst giving you a real flavour of the culture and what it's like to live in a modern Megacity.

In each city I try and make a couple of roughly edited mini films on my phone. This one takes you on quick tour across Mexico City. From the breathtaking mountain sprawl to concrete jungle in the centre. Listen out for the tropical bird noises in the city centre. I absolutely love it! Very few cities can boast such an intoxicating combination.

"Busiest Cities" will be on your screens later this year watch this space for more info and exact dates.

Mexico City