Mexico City


Alright I'm not gonna lie, I am one of the luckiest people in the world! Over the last few years my job has basically enabled me to travel around the globe making TV and commentating on live sport!

My latest assignment is the third series of the BBC travel program called "World's Busiest Cities" for BBC2. In it I'll travel to three continents, and four of the world's busiest cities, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Moscow, and Delhi. Alongside TV presenter Anita Rani, (@itsanitarani) and Historian Dan Snow (@thehistoryguy), we'll visit all these places in the space of just over a month. Yeah I know I get the toughest gigs!😉🙈

In the second episode we went to Mexico city, even though I've been there before, I was still blown away by its sheer size. When you include the people who live on the outskirts the population is around 21 million people. So if you think rush hour in London is bad try getting across Mexico city at peak times its absolutely nuts! One of the many amazing things about this city is that even in the centre there are times when you feel like your in a rainforest that just happens to have skyscrapers in it. I had about an hour to kill on my first day so I sat down on a bench and listened to the tropical bird song mixed in with the noise of cars bikes and people it was pretty cool!

I spent five days in Mexico city and in that time I met some great people and got to hear their powerful and sometimes emotional stories. I also found out about the ingenious ideas that many Chilango's (people who live in Mexico city) have come up with to help them cope with living in one of the most densely populated cities in the world!

"Busiest Cities" is on BBC2 every wednesday at 8pm starting from August 30th (2017)

Big thanks go out to everybody at BBC studio's involved in putting the Mexico city episode together including Director Ad Ahmed (adahmed) Assistant producer Clementine Mortelman (clemmie85) Sound Gerson Escudero, Awesome time lapse dude Robert Myler

Here's a little taster from tonights show.