Every month I'll be uploading some of my big speeches, interviews, bring you Exclusive behind the scenes footage from major events as well as stuff that I think is just supercool. These clips will give you a little insight into my world and my life in TV and Sport!

So I've fallen in love with my new mobile phone and the camera modes. This is a time lapse that I made whilst filming for a BBC2 series in April 2017. The show will be on your screens later this year. I think this shot is kinda cool, but I would do wouldn't I.. 😉🙈

In August 2015 I went to Malawi to make a film about people going blind through preventable eye conditions for C4's documentary series Unreported World. "It's called the fight for sight" Here's a link to the C4 news shortened version of our film.

Back in the early part of the last century, going to the cinema was a big event. Silent movies would have live accompliment provided by talented organist, who would perform on the incredible Wurlitzer organ. On this weeks BBC travel show (24/10/15) I got to watch proffesional organist Richard Hills, and of course I had to have a go myself on this really cool instrument. Enjoy!!


Tonight at 7:30pm (Friday 16th October) my latest documentary The Fight for Sight will be shown on C4. I've already posted a blog about my experiences making the film. Now I'll be uploading a series of behind the scences video diaries, made on my iphone about my time in Malawi. The videos along with my blog, and images, all posted on this website, will tell the story of the making of our film.

The only way Rex Bawanusi (specialist eye nurse) can reach people in the rural parts of Malawi, and identify patients who need eye surgery to save their sight, is by motorbike. I decided to take a trip with him. The Fight for Sight is on tonight (Friday 16th October) on Channel 4 at 7:30pm

It wasn't all work during our trip to Malawi. On the way home after a days filming in Chikwawa, we came across some very happy football fans.

This clip explains what our film is about. To see what happens to the people involved Rose, Rex, and Jess. Make sure you watch The Fight for Sight on tonights Unreported World on Channel 4 at 7:30pm

Here I talk about our first big dilemma that we had to deal with whilst making this film, it was one of many! Oh and check out the cheeky kids at the end of the clip they made me laugh

A documentary isn't complete without a good sunset shot and a tired reporter! The Fight for Sight Channel 4 Tonight (Friday 16th October) 7:30pm

The Fight for Sight

This is a clip from the day Rose went into surgery. We had to follow a lot of protocol as it was very important we didn't distract Dr Musukwe the surgeon or do anything that could contaminate the operating theatre and potentially infect the patients. We had to do all of this, whilst trying to make a film that made the audience feel like they were there with me sharing the expeirience. It was a delicate juggling act!

This is day of Rose's surgery but before her operation I was able to do a short interview with the surgeon whilst he was working on a couple of the other children.

The Fight for Sight was very tough film to make because of the distances we had to travel over extremely rough terrain. The weather, and also the timings. Finding people who fitted what we were looking for, who were also around during our filming period.

All the hard work was worth it after we were able to film this sequence with Jess. She celebrated with friends and family in her village after regaining her sight following a succesful operation to remove a catarct from her eye. This clip always makes me smile!

Big up to Elle Exxe for putting this cool lyric video out there. The Tune is called Home with you, and is due for release on the 16th of October which happens to be the same night she's headlining Koko in camden London for club NME! I know, why don't you watch my unreported world film on C4 at 7:30 on the same night. Then roll on down to KoKo, and have it proper large in Camden with Elle and her band, I'll be there. Boom!! Sounds like a plan..

Congratulations To Eamonn Matthews, all of the Quicksilver media team, and everybody involved at C4 for 30 series of Unreported world. I'm so proud to have made 6 films for the series in the last 2 years. Working on them has been physically, emotionally, and mentally the toughest thing I've ever done in TV, and at the same time, given me some of the most uplifting and rewarding experiences of my life! Catch my latest film 7:30pm October 16th on C4.

"Its hard to complain about my job when you have a day in the office like this!" Taken whilst filming for the BBC Travel show

This summer I started training at Olympic legend Daley Thompson's new gym on the upper Richmond rd. I've been working out for over 20 years, in that time its easy to get stale. So it was refreshing to try something new and work out with PT's like Gavin Sunshine 'The Fitness Whisperer.' The team have been working on my core strength over the next few weeks, I'll be posting clips like the one above from our workouts. If you like them join us at

Working out with The Fitness Whisperer at

Global Vaccine Summit

Watch me give a presentation at the Global Vaccine Summit.

Channel 4 wins BAFTA for Paralympic Coverage

This was one of the best and most surreal moments of my life. My acceptance speech on behalf of Channel 4 who won the BAFTA for their Paralympic Coverage in 2012.