Who is Elle Exxe!?

It's not everyday you get asked to be in a pop video. Especially one that has somebody wearing a giant pussy cat head, two guys wearing white face paint dressed in boiler suits, a half naked dancing fat dude, lots of pizza alcohol and of course a pop star riding around on a miniature bike screaming

"I'm a Fu@&ing Astronaut!

How could I say no to that. Elle Exxe is a rising star in the pop world and as I've found out she likes to do things a little differently. Born and raised in Edinburgh Scotland now living in London, she's been singing and writing songs since the age of 15. On stage she's a wild, and charismatic performer with a powerful voice that compliments her self-styled infectious electro rock pop sound. I was interested to see if she could translate all of this mad energy into a pop video.

Lost in LA is her third single release of the year and the second from her forthcoming EP. What was most impressive apart from the fact that its a seriously fun tune that should be listened to at maximum volume. Is that not only did Elle Exxe co-write the track she directed and edited the video too.

I guess this is what the spice girls meant by girl power all those years ago!

Elle Exxe will be headlining KOKO in Camden on the 16th of October. She's worth seeing just for the light up shoes alone!!


Don't worry I haven't forgotten the video enjoy!!