World's Busiest Cities


Hey sorry I keep leaving such long gaps between blogs, 2017 has been a crazy year. So far I've travelled to ten countries and four continents in the last eight months, most of them were packed into an intense three month period. I might have even been to more but I've actually lost track, (I'm blaming it on the jet lag!). You can also throw into the mix my new book, I've started writing a series of kids adventure books called wait for it.. "Ade's Amazing Ade-ventures" Ta da!! EXCLUSIVE!!

Right back to business, as the title of this blog suggests WBC is back! First ep in this series begins on BBC2 at 8PM on Wednesday August 30th 2017. I've written about the show before in my Mexico city blog published in May 2017. (feel free to check it out).


The first episode is shot in Hong Kong, I'm not gonna say too much because I want you to watch it on the telly box. Hong Kong is an incredible city, for a start everywhere you go looks and feels like a hollywood movie set! I got lucky with my stories all of them were amazing, and intense, but for different reasons. I think I started to get a little peak under the surface of place a lot of us think we know so well. Hopefully in our 60 minute show you'll see the many faces of this Mega-city, that has a ticking clock looming over it as its population awaits the handover of power to china.


During My time in Hong Kong I take a look at the huge gambling scene, experience both ends of the crazy housing market. As well as meet the street vendors who've made a living for decades, trading from their stalls set up in the cracks, and corners, between the blade runner style sky scrapers. Oh! And I get to have a little fun at the Tin Hau festival, whilst trying to find out from locals what it means to be a Hong Konger!! Hope you like it.

Massive thanks to all the team at BBC studios who worked on the Hong Kong show including Director Karolina Mottram (@KarolinaMottram) producer Karen Chambers (@karenchamberstv) Fixer Rory Fong (@roryfong) Sound man Mark Roberts.

Here's a little taster from Ep1